Shorts Corduroy

Made From Organic Corduroy

All our fabrics are  carefully chosen. Our suppliers have transparency on their porduction so that we can always tell where our fabrics are produced.

100% Organic Cotton Corduroy made in Europe.


Smooth and comfortable low waist fit. As this fabric is super soft you will love it’s smooth and soft fit. Sitting, standing, walking, moving – this shorts are for you if your life is active and colorful.

Preorder System

This season we do make your pieces on demand. So all sizes are available and we do not produce a stock. We have a certain preorder period for each piece, so that our tailor Maria can calculate time and work until all pieces are ready for shipping. We do produce a certain amount of pieces for our Local Shops in Munich and Lagos, but we do not have pieces in stock this summer season. Make sure you place your order during the Preorder period!

Easy Returns

You can return all the pieces which you purchased in preorder at the same conditions like all other pieces!


You would like to know where our suppliers produce? Drop us a message and we inform you about all and everything!

Return to Nature

Our fabrics are all sustainably produced in Europe. Once you have them in your hand you will feel the difference.